10 Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos Viral

10 Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos Viral

1. Use End Cards

End cards are very beneficial to your channel because it allows your viewers to effortlessly go to your previous or newest videos. For instance, Ryan Higa initially did not want to use end cards for his videos because he thought that urging his viewers to subscribe or watch his other videos might upset them. But, when he finally decided to incorporate end cards, he was able to gain around 200,000 views per video plus a lot more watch time.

2. Think of Catchy Keywords

A lot of people think that using catchy but misleading titles for your YouTube videos is not a very good idea. But, some YouTube users found that viewers do not really care if they were misled to click on a video as long as the content is still great. You have to make sure that your description and keywords are search engine optimized. Ensure that your description includes as much information about the video as possible. You should also attach the links to your other social media accounts there.

3. Find the Best Title

When you already have a specific title on your mind, you can try and Google it to see if it appears at the top of the results, or, you can use the Google Adwords to pin point the number of people who searched for that specific phrase. This will allow you to gain more views because a lot of people would be seeing your video at the top of the search results. You can even look through the keyword suggestions to choose the phrase that would best suited for your audience.

4. Place suitable thumbnails

Part of YouTube’s terms of service includes the use of appropriate thumbnails. They should not be misleading and it should only showcase the truths behind your clips If possible, you can even include words or further details that are embedded on your chosen thumbnail to give the viewer a better idea of what your video is really about.

5. Connect your channel with your other social media accounts

The best way to promote your video and generate YouTube video views is by sharing them on your other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. By using the most influential social media networks to increase your views, you are also encouraging client engagement because through these platforms, you can urge people to talk about the topics you’ve tackled on your videos thus generating more traffic to your channel.

6. Get Inspiration from Twitter

If you are finding it hard to pool for ideas for your next video, you can go on Twitter to research on the popular tweets and trends. Look for the most recent buzz and hash tag so that you could always be up to date. Remember that: These days, social media waits for no one. If you’re LATE for the party, you’ll probably be covered by all the noise and you might not be able to get your voice across. It could only mean that if you want to be heard by the crowd, you have to be fast; and on social media, that means you have to be REALLY fast -Aaron Lee

7. Keep it short and simple

A lot of the videos that have gone viral in the last couple of years do not exceed 5 minutes. As much as possible, keep your videos short to maintain your viewer’s attention and interest.

8. Never Be Afraid to Be Yourself

Some of the most famous YouTube stars today focus on being true to themselves as opposed to morphing into someone that their fans want them to be. In fact, most of them got famous because they were able to express themselves freely.

9. Ask for requests

Value the input of your viewers by asking them topic suggestions for your next video. Of course, you are more likely to gain a lot of views for a certain video when you are able to make a story or a vlog out of the most requested topic.

10. Seek for any form of emotional response

A video has a greater chance of going viral when it is able to tap into the soft or sensitive side of its viewers. A sad, inspiring or motivational story can always get a lot of likes, shares, and of course views.