4 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

4 Ways to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

How YouTube Stars Earn Money

Have you ever wondered how YouTube stars make money? Two words—ad revenue. YouTubers do not technically make money by making videos, but they earn money from people who are watching their videos with ads.

If you are curious as to how this is computed, businessinsider.com explained that the estimated yearly earnings of YouTube stars were based on the number of their views daily. This number is then multiplied by a “low-cost-per-thousand impression advertising” or CPM which is equivalent to $0.60-$5. The rate would be dependent on the type of ads in their channel. There are actually two types of ads on YouTube. The in-display ads and on-screen ads; In-display ads are those usually found at the bottom of the YouTube video while on-screen ads are those that play before the actual video that you could either skip after five seconds or not.

The owner of the channel would have 55% of the ad revenues while YouTube takes the 45%. The following are some of the other ways in which you can monetize or make money from your channel.

1. YouTube Partner

With the advent of channels that are producing videos with original content and thousands of other channels that are generating a lot of views and subscribers, YouTube has launched a partnership program in which the creators could earn money just by signing up for it. Keep in mind that being a YouTube partner is entirely up to you. You have to decide whether you want to be part of the program.

However, everything from the collection, distribution of the proceeds as well as the ads placement would be entirely controlled by YouTube.

Once you meet the requirements of this program, you would earn revenue whenever a person views or interacts with the ads that are present in your videos.

The downside of becoming a partner is that you really have to have a large fan base and tens or even hundreds of thousands of views for you to have a significant amount of income. When you decide to monetize your channel or videos, you just have to sign in to your YouTube account and click on “account settings” then”enable my account”. There is a chance that your channel might not be eligible for the program if you don’t meet the criteria which is as follows:

The program has launched in your country.* (If the program is not available in your country, you will see a notification in your monetization settings.)

Your account is in good standing and hasn’t previously been disabled for monetization.

You upload original, quality content that is advertiser-friendly.

Your video content complies with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

You have reviewed our copyright education materials.

*Criteria lifted from YouTube.com

2. Sponsors

Another way to generate money from creating YouTube videos is by acquiring sponsors. The most challenging part of this approach is that you have to really build an active and decent channel with a sufficient amount of views in total for other sponsors to be interested in your YouTube handle.

3. Open Box Reveals

When you have built a credible reputation for doing product reviews, people would definitely be sending you their products for free.

4. Generate Traffic

You can earn money from making YouTube videos when you can use them as enticers for people to go on your website and sign up for your newsletter. It is a great way to establish a connection and build a long lasting business relationship with your target clients. For example, you can write a short article or a blog on your website for a specific product as well as embed a YouTube video of yourself talking about the same product. This does not only add variety to your blog post but it also makes it more engaging.