6 Steps To Get Verified on TikTok

6 Steps To Get Verified on TikTok

#1: Create a good content strategy

Don't rely on moments of insights where great content ideas come to you. Although that's great when you get inspired to create something, you should always have a solid content plan running in the background to ensure you have an abundance of content from the moment you publish the first video. A great content strategy comes from understanding your niche, what your audience wants, the best trends to jump into, and identifying themes that help establish your brand credibility.

Search for top-performing hashtags in your niche, join relevant challenges and create content out of that and also, check out my list of best performing video content for video ideas to help you get started.

#2: Be consistent with your posting

Consistency is the one thing that will demonstrate to your audience and the TikTok platform that you are noteworthy. Once you have a content strategy in place, producing and publishing content daily won't be so much of a burden, especially if you use tools and software to stay organized. If you commit to publishing a TikTok daily, then do it without fail. Stick to a schedule that works with your lifestyle.

Ideally, you want to do it multiple times a day (shoot for three videos) but don't put out meaningless content. If you want to rise to the influencer level, you need each video to be valuable for your audience. As people get used to expecting your videos multiple times a day, they'll interact more with your account and increase your watch time, which is super crucial for growth.

#3: Engage with other users

Equally as important as posting is actively engaging on the platform with other users and content creators. You do this by liking other people's content, leaving thoughtful comments, sharing their work, and even giving shout-outs and tagging the people you talk about in your videos.

On your own account, you need to make sure to respond to each and every comment. Make people feel valued and appreciated. You could also come up with challenges for your followers or invite them to do duets with you so you can interact more. This personal and high-level engagement will dramatically increase your account's engagement rate, and TikTok guys are bound to take notice.

#4: Demonstrate consistent and steady growth

Suppose you want to increase your chances of receiving the blue checkmark. In that case, you need to make a lot of effort toward growing the number of people who follow you daily and the amount of time users spend on your videos. A good daily aim as a beginner should be around 500 new followers each day. That will get you on the right track to influencer states and the verification badge.

Eventually, you can double that. The more people follow you and watch your videos, the more growth your channel will have. If you start having views of close to a million per month in a few months, you'll definitely get noticed by TikTok. It also increases the chances of going viral with some of your content. Viral content is the main bloodline of TikTok.

It demonstrates that you can create videos that will go a long way in entertaining and holding other users' attention on the platform. That's ultimately what TikTok is after - to captivate and delight their users.

#5: Get media and PR coverage

Consider creating some PR for yourself because what I noticed is that it's easier for your account to be verified if you're being featured on other well-known magazines, television, radio, etc. If you are on Forbes, CNBC, local tv, etc., it shows TikTok that you're a person of influence. That gives them a reason to elevate your position on their platform as well. You should also consider taking part in public projects or events that can help you get noticed by the media.

#6: Collaborate with others

Round up your friends or find TikTok creators in your neighborhood and collaborate on some dances or challenges. Viewers love this type of content, especially if you find the right group and create something entertaining. It also increases your chances of going viral as your content gets more exposure.

Bonus Tip:

You should also consider getting verified on other social media accounts. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, being verified there seems to help you get verified on TikTok. Make sure these accounts are connected to your TikTok account.

There is no straight path to getting verified, and none of us have much control over how it happens. Even if you happen to know someone who works for TikTok, they will tell you it's not as black and white as many of us would like.

Therefore, while it is a great goal to have, don't get hung up on it. Your brand's growth and success aren't directly tied to having the blue tick. You can still become a highly popular and well-respected presence on TikTok even without the blue checkmark. So, focus on producing amazing content, engaging with your audience, and just let the rest take its natural course.