Here are a few tips on how to boost TikTok views

Here are a few tips on how to boost TikTok views

#1: Find other brands to comment and engage with

If you're just starting out, this should be part of your daily routine. The more you engage with existing users and their brands, the more known you become. Open up a Google sheet and do some research to find the top ten accounts that align with your brand and have a healthy audience engagement. Remember to choose a brand that shares a similar audience to the one you want to serve. Then be generous with your time and insights. Comment on their content where relevant, ask questions, interact and offer your ideas with other users to build more engagement for that account. As you do this in a non-promotional way, people will start to notice you and might be inclined to check out who you are.

#2: Use proper tags

When used correctly, hashtags can give you incredible results for your TikTok viewership. You need to add a handful of relevant hashtags that tell more about your video genre. To do this, use the symbol "#" followed by a phrase or keyword related to the video. Whenever users search for or come across that keyword, they will be directed to your video content, thus increasing your video's visibility and tiktok views.

#3: Collaborate with friends

If you're just starting out, it won't be easy to get existing influencers to collaborate with you. That will come with time and reputation. But you can always form collaborations with your friends. Even if both of you have small followings, you're still doubling your viewer list by creating content and posting it to each of your accounts. Make sure, however, that the content you make is well thought out and beneficial for both audiences. Try to make it as interactive and exciting as possible.

#4: Post multiple times a day

Unlike most other social media platforms where posting more than once becomes spammy, these platforms promote you more when you actively post. Users on TikTok are accustomed to seeing lots of action from their content creators. By consistently posting at least twice a day, people will feel a sense of connection with your brand, and that will lead to more engagement and viewing of your content. It shows you're serious about your work on the platform and sets you on the path of becoming a TikTok influencer.

#5: Create original and high-value videos

This cannot be emphasized strongly enough. You need great content. It must be high quality and purposeful otherwise, you'll drown in the ocean of TikTok videos. Instead of copy-pasting, stealing, or even mimicking other people, invest some time making authentic videos that mean something to you. That way, when users come across it, they can sense you have a lot more to offer. That's how they'll keep coming back for more.

#6: Ask questions or make a quiz video

Another way to get more views for your video is to create interactive content. Most of the content on TikTok is passive, whereby the audience simply watches and gets entertained. You could spin your content differently by regularly creating quiz videos, polls, and even posing questions and inviting them to share their answers either by commenting or shooting their own video. It's an excellent way for users to voice their opinion and for you to land more views and followers. Just make sure the questions are relevant to your brand and the interests of your ideal audience.

Pro tip: Ask open-ended questions so that people feel engaged and loved. You can also ask questions around their interests or what they would like to learn about. That might also help you create better content in the future.

#7: Create challenges and participate as well

People love participating in TikTok challenges. By creating your own challenge or participating in those already initiated by others, you can increase your videos' views. It helps launch you as an active member of the community and a creator in your own right.