Creating Engaging YouTube Videos That People Want to Click On

Creating Engaging YouTube Videos That People Want to Click On

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." —Maya Angelou

The whole reason YouTube was created was to allow people to upload their videos for other people to see. Since the launch of the platform the competition has gotten a bit more tough. There are so many video creators out there so you need to make your videos stand out from the crowd. This is why being able to create engaging videos is so important. You want your viewers to stay and become loyal subscribers. This is important whether you are a business trying to get more attention to your product or an individual who is trying to grow a personal YouTube channel.

Different Types of YouTube Videos

Not all YouTube videos are created equal. There are many different types and topics that can be covered. Whatever you choose needs to be sustainable for you.

The goal is to grow your channel so that you can create a revenue stream from it, so you really want to pick something that you will want to be doing for a long time to come.

You want to make sure that the types of videos you make will be things that people will want to click on. This will probably change as the years go on, because trends always change. Your channel will grow and change with you but you should definitely stay on top of what are the most popular and engaged with types of videos. Below is a list of the current most popular types of videos:

●  Commentary:

This is where you would give your opinion on certain topics, products, or current events.

●  Product review and launch:

Reviewing different products in your niche is a really popular type of video. If you are a business you could also launch videos, where you show viewers the new products and services you have created. Unboxing videos will also fall into this category.

●  How-to and tutorials:

Everybody wants to know how to do new things and the internet has made it really easy to learn. If you have a skill or have learnt something new, you can share it on your channel.

●  Favorites or best of videos:

These are the videos that are usually titled “Top Five Best...” You will be sharing the best items, products, or services in a certain category and why you think so.

●  Comedy:

Everybody likes to laugh so it is no wonder why these are very popular.

●  Reactions:

This is where the YouTuber reacts and comments on other videos or articles.

●  Hauls:

This is where the YouTuber will buy (or get sponsored to buy) multiple items from a certain category. Often these are clothing or technology items that are the most popular hauls.

●  Q&As:

This is where your viewers will ask questions about your specific niche and you give your answers and opinions. This is a great way to introduce another social networking platform, like Instagram, to get a crossover of followers and viewers.

●  Gaming:

This is often people filming themselves playing certain games or reviewing a certain game.

Formula to Create Great and Engaging Videos

There are tons of little things that you can do to make sure your videos are engaging and keep viewers coming back for more. Many people do not take note of these things and that is the main reason their videos do not succeed. These steps will work regardless of the type of video you are making or the niche it falls into.

Have a Single Message

When you create your video you need to know what it is about so that you can convey that to the audience. You will have the opportunity to make videos about whatever you would like but you should not try to stuff too much in one video. A good rule of thumb is to have your title planned out first and then make the video.

This way you will have the structure you need and will be less likely to veer off course. Since video titles have a limited amount of characters and need to use keywords, you will be forced to narrow down the topic and stick to it.

Keep It Short

YouTube tends to favor videos that are ten minutes or longer. Because of this you will find many YouTubers trying to make their videos longer so that they can reach this ten minute mark. This is a really bad idea because what ends up happening is that the video is filled with unnecessary information and viewers will most likely click off in the middle of the video. Remember, YouTube also cares that people watch your videos to the end. If they aren't it shows that your videos are not really good quality. Rather have a shorter video that people want to get to the end of.

We also have to take into account the attention span of people nowadays. Attention spans are shortening so making videos that are too long will not get any views. Most YouTubers who make these really long videos already have a following. Since you are starting from scratch, you don’t have any credibility. Most people look at the subscriber count when they are watching a video, if a channel has a lot of subscribers they are more likely to sit through a longer video because the creator has credibility based on the high amount of subs they have. It will not be the same for smaller channels. People will be more willing to spend five minutes watching a video because that amount of time is inconsequential to their day, as opposed to watching a 30 minute video.

Be Animated

I want you to switch on your favorite TV show and watch the way that they speak and use their body language. You will notice that they have a lot more energy and are more emotive than what a person would be like on a normal day. When you are face-to-face with someone, it is easier to be more natural because the energy can be felt, but when there is a screen between you it is a whole different story. In order to break through the barrier of the screen, actors have to be a lot more, and the same will apply to you when you are filming your video.

You need to have a lot more energy than what you would in a normal conversation. This will hold the attention of the viewer and make it more likely that they will be engaged with what you are saying. This means that you should be a little more animated, speak louder, and use hand gestures. This is going to feel a little weird at first, but after a while you will get used to it. Have a look at popular YouTube channels and see how they speak and act in front of the camera. This will give you a good idea of how you should be going about it.

Use Calls to Action

YouTube measures engagement by the likes, comments, and shares on a video. When you are planning out your video script, make sure to add a call to action in there. When you watch a video on YouTube you will notice that they will usually ask you to click, subscribe, and comment. This is because they are reminding you to engage with them. People are more likely to do this when you remind them and give them a reason to do so. You could also ask them a question or ask for their opinion on something, so that your viewers will have something to comment on.

Lighting is Key

Videos are visual, which means it needs to look appealing to the eye. I know that if I was to click on a video and it was dull and grainy, I would immediately click off. If your video is of you speaking or acting, then you need to make sure that the lighting is on point. You need to be visible in the shot and everything that is in frame needs to be crisp and clear.

In order to do this you can either use natural light or some lighting equipment. When you first start out you do not have to purchase a whole lot of things so keep it simple. Natural light is free and it often looks the best. All you have to do is position yourself in front of a window during the day. The sun should not be shining through the window otherwise you are going to get some weird shadows on your face. The light should be directly on you and you will see how much brighter you look. You could also purchase a ring light that mimics this effect. They are not very expensive and can be bought from almost anywhere.

Add a Little Background Music

If your video has a lot of talking then you might want to consider adding some background music. This will help to fill awkward silences and it will add to the vibe of the video. You can change the type of music based on the type of conversations that are taking place. There are thousands of royalty free music options out there or you could even make your own if you want to. Make sure that any music you use does not overpower the actual content of the video. It should just be playing softly in the background.

Creating the Perfect Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the picture that shows up and allows the viewer to click on it to play your video. The right thumbnail will result in a lot of clicks and views. It is probably one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. Videos that have the most views almost always have an attractive thumbnail so it is really important that you design one that will attract viewers to your video.

Choose the Right Colors

If you log on to YouTube you will see that most of the platform is red and white. All the backgrounds are this color so if you are going to choose these colors for your thumbnails they will not stand out. The point of a thumbnail is to grab a potential viewer's attention and get them to want to watch your video. If you use the red and white, your video will just blend into the background and you will not get as many clicks.

The best colors to use for a thumbnail are blue, orange, green, and yellow. I am sure you have heard of 5-Minute Crafts. While there is some debate as to whether their content is actually helpful, there is no denying that they are popular. Currently (2022) they have over 74 million subscribers. They use very eye-catching thumbnails and, while most of the hacks that they share are very outlandish, people still click their videos. This is the power of a colorful and interesting thumbnail.

The Right Picture

The thumbnail is designed to be a teaser for what is to come in the video. You should be able to catch the essence of the video through the thumbnail, so picking something that speaks to the video is important. If you can, use a person's face or your own face in the thumbnail. This works especially well for more serious videos or videos where there will be a lot of talking. The facial expressions of the person in the thumbnail should be emotive in a way that shows the emotion of the video.

This will help draw the viewer in and make them want to click on the video. Depending on the type of video you have created you can also use an animated picture. This should give the viewer a good idea of what is in the video and pique their interest. Be conscious of the colors being used here and make sure the picture is of good quality.

Use Your Words

It is always a good idea to annotate your thumbnail. Often people will look at the thumbnail before the title of the video so you need to make sure they will know what the video is about. Most people will not scroll through and read each title for their requested searches. As they scroll their attention needs to be grabbed and having words on the thumbnail will give them a good idea of what is going to be in the video.

You can choose to use the title of the video in the thumbnail or other words that will describe what is in the video. There shouldn’t be too many words otherwise the thumbnail will look too busy. The picture should take up the most space and the wording will just be an addition. Even just one word that describes what is going on will be enough in many cases. Yoga With Adriene is a channel that does this really well so have a look at how the wording is used on the thumbnails.

Brand Your Thumbnails

Your thumbnails are a great branding opportunity. If you use the same kinds of colors, styles, and have your logo on there, people will be able to tell your content apart from everyone elses. There are many businesses that do this so that their content can be picked up quite easily in a sea of other content. As your channel grows, this will be more important and you will have the opportunity to imprint your branding and logo into the minds of your viewers.

Key Takeaways and Action Steps

●  Choose the type of video you want to make before filming. This will help you to plan and get the right content easily.

●  Make sure you understand how to create an engaging video before you start filming. Practicing in the mirror is a great way to nail the presentation and watch your facial expressions before you start filming.

●  Once your video is done you can start preparing your thumbnail. Make sure to choose the right colors and make it as eye-catching as possible. You can even get the opinions of others to help guide your decisions.