Getting 20K Organic Instagram Followers

Getting 20K Organic Instagram Followers

Check out 9 awesome tips to getting a bunch of organic Instagram followers. One of the most important tips for increasing followers on Instagram are shoutouts.

TIP #1

One of the most important tips for increasing Instagram followers are shoutouts, and if you have (for example) a thousand followers who might have taken you two to three months to build, you could increase this big time. When you shoutout to other followers who have similar numbers of viewers, this can give exponential growth to the numbers of your followers. As an example of how this works, when two music artists collaborate they bring with them both sides of their fan base. From this point, there are double the people who are exposed to the other artist’s music. This is what happens on Instagram, and it shows why shoutouts are vitally important.

TIP #2

The second thing is: to make sure you follow and promote people who relate to you, your product/s, or your service/s. As these people already have a following of people who are in tune with what they are doing, these followers are more likely to be interested in what you have to say, as well. It is common sense to stick with your topic, and it’s a “shot in the dark” if you receive feedback from another person (or their followers) and they are totally unrelated.

TIP #3

My next tip is all about the importance of comments. An image can have one thousand likes, with a mere one hundred comments. So when you have commented on a person’s image, rather than just clicking like, they will appreciate the effort you have taken to leave this comment. Now, hopefully they will respond in the same way to your images. If you are not sure this would work, think of how you feel when a person leaves a comment on your images, compared to just leaving a like on your image. Doesn’t it make you feel all tingly? So, this is a good tip that works really well, in my opinion.

TIP #4

Next is all about the effort, when you take pictures to post, these should not only be high resolution, but they should show they have been made with some forethought, as well. There are phones which take great pictures, but this isn’t enough. If you add filters and make them look arty, they grab more attention than a simple selfie. People like to see good pictures, and if you post a simple selfie it seems lazy, and this reflects on your profile and doesn’t give a person a reason to follow you. You want to stand out from the crowd as much as possible.

TIP #5

Easy profile names are my next tip. These should be as concise as possible, easy to remember, and easy to search. The reason being is; if it’s too long (or the spelling isn’t that easy), people won’t know how to spell it to search for you. If this is the case, they’ll give up before trying to find out where you’re at. So, this is really worth remembering.

TIP #6

Next, you should create a system and a habit which you perform every day. A prime example is to DM (direct message) a set number of people every day. Once you’ve done this, they will visit your page to see who has messaged them directly. If you say something nice to them, it can bring new people and followers (all the time) to your page. Secondary to this is the likes of over ten (and up to a hundred) pictures per day. Out of these, you should comment on around twenty of these pictures. For a small amount of effort, you could gain a considerable amount of followers.

TIP #7

Your profile picture needs to be something which makes people want to click on it and then go on to visit your page. This is even more important when you show up in a person’s feed, mostly because your thumbnail needs to catch their attention.

Hopefully, they’ll want to know more of what is behind the image. If you only have a regular picture of yourself, there’s more of a chance your post will be skimmed over (as well as them not visiting your page afterward).

TIP #8

My next point is all about numbers, and where big isn’t always better, as you might’ve heard many times over. It might seem the more people you follow, the better your chances. This isn’t the case, actually, because if you follow everyone, people look at you as following for “following’s sake.” I personally found a sweet spot of not following more than two thousand people. Once you go over this number of two thousand, you start to look like a spammer, and people tend not to follow you for this very reason.

TIP #9

Here is another sneaky trick. When you reach around five thousand or ten thousand followers, switch to private. Now, inside your bio, you need to say a person should follow you to see your “secret” profile. This raises a person’s curiosity, and they’ll generally follow you to see what is hidden from view. It might be the case they unfollow you after ten minutes once they look at your profile, but that doesn’t matter, and the main thing is they followed you in the first place. On top of this, you shouldn’t accept them for around two hours, this will delay them thinking about unfollowing you. It is kinda sneaky, but it does work well.

Getting a Shoutout from Big Pages

If you can do this, you can see up to three thousand people following you in a single day because you’ve gained a shoutout from a bigger page. If you do get one of these shoutouts, your growth happens exponentially, and this happens because the followers of the big pages are looking for people to follow. You can see that it works, especially if you are female. This you can see from models’ pages because they have tons of followers, generally speaking.

To do this, make a list of all the pages which have the potential of shouting you out. These should be pages which relate to you (or your business). The tip now is to tag each post of yours with all of the pages on your list. This can be done quickly and is super-easy to perform.

On top of this, you’ll need to keep track of the pages you’ve tagged. Rather than making a list, it is much easier to bookmark them in your browser. This is a reminder of the pages you need to tag, and you can quickly open them to check their new images and begin chatting to them all from one click.

The real secret here is building relationships to gain these shoutouts. Now you can DM these pages and drop hints you want a shoutout from them too. It won’t take them long to respond. There is also the option of asking how much they’d charge you for a shoutout (if they won’t do it for free). It might cost up to twenty dollars; not bad if you can gain a couple of hundred extra followers from doing so.