How To Build an Effective Interaction in Facebook

How To Build an Effective Interaction in Facebook

Your campaign on Facebook will only bear real fruit if you dedicate yourself in the first instance to build an effective interaction between your page and your followers.

Having many fans is positive, but if they do not interact with us, we will not be able to obtain from them that valuable help they can give us indirectly. The main objective will always be to sell, but those fans do not automatically become customers, and that's fine, because if they do not buy us what we sell, at least they can help us make the Facebook page more and more visible and reach more people.

The detail is that studies and statistical analysis reveal that only 16% of fans of a Facebook page interact with the page. Sure, that's on average. There will be brands whose interaction is above that and others below, but the fact is that 16% of interaction can help a lot even though it seems little.

In other words, we must guarantee at least 16% minimum interaction. How is that achieved? Well you have come to the right post where we will teach you how to achieve it.

The first thing you should know is that the content must be created in a way that lends itself to the interaction. You should not ask questions every day, but think about the basic principle of online sales, which we label as the "call to action". Thinking about that, you can create content that in one way or another makes the followers of your page.

People always interact when they feel their opinion will be answered or when there is a possibility of a reward. There are also those who like debate and controversy, but that strategy may not be very convenient because the least you need for a business is discord.

Then, you can generate content that is lent for people to comment, leave an opinion, or you can offer them a reward, and that's where the Facebook contests come into play.

Facebook contests: the good, the bad and the ugly

Facebook contests, like almost everything in life, have their positive side, their not so positive side, and their side that definitely does not suit you. However, there are many advantages and many ways to make a Facebook contest do not give you more than pure positive things.

How is it done?

Many will recommend you to use an external app to establish and carry out a contest, but we prefer to recommend that you do it on your own Facebook page more directly. In addition, Facebook now has new rules that only prohibit you a couple of things, while they already give you permission to do several from your own wall that can help you better position your page and ensure that the publication of the contest lasts on the network by A good time.

Things that Facebook allows:

- Require likes to participate
- Send private messages (where you can generate leads)
- Require comments from the participants.

Things that Facebook still does not allow:

- Require that the user share the publication in his biography or that of a friend of his.
- Require them to share a publication.

However, all these rules may vary because Facebook constantly makes modifications in order to better everything for users and ensure that there is justice and fairness. In addition, in theory, everything that is related to the publication of the contest, is free, in reality where they concentrate the most for the prohibitions is in things that are alien to the publication of the contest. However, for the time being, we suggest you stick to the updated information that we are offering you in this post.

What's good about the contests?

They guarantee interaction and therefore that gives you visibility regarding your brand page. You also stand very well in front of the community your brand is targeting because you project yourself as someone generous willing to invest in your audience.

What's wrong with the contests?

That will not give as many results as you expect, at least not directly. A contest does not guarantee immediate sales, in reality with that you are investing in visibility, in your brand is seen by several people and that your positioning in SEO is getting better thanks to the interaction. But bluntly we say: a contest does not guarantee immediate sales.

What are the ugly contests on Facebook?

Well, you may generate many contacts, new fans and new followers who are not interested in your page, so your interaction percentage may decrease. How does that happen? Well, if you have 100 fans and 16 of them interact, we are talking about 16% interaction. Without the contest you gain 100 more fans but none are interested in your Facebook page, because you fall to 8% of interaction. This happens because many of the contests are based on labeling people or getting others to somehow reach the page or at least the publication of the contest.

Fans who wish to participate will not label segmented people thinking that they want a target audience, but will seek to tag the first friends that come to mind or even the first ones that appear in the contact list.

In any case, the contests are positive, you just have to know how to execute them, thinking of a real reward through content that guarantees interaction and always bearing in mind that the results from a contest are always in the medium and long term and in the Most of the cases are only advertising, which is subsequently transformed into sales through conversion.

Keep your community in mind and they´ll do the same for you

Thinking about your community is what will make you come to success through your Facebook page when you develop your digital marketing campaign and make advertisements in it. Facebook contests are an interesting way to promote yourself while taking into account your community.

The question that arises in this instance is the following: What can we offer in a contest?

For this you must study your fans very well. Think not only about what you would like in general to the community to which your brand is directed, but specifically those Facebook users who follow you. Here it is quite valid to make a detailed study about tastes and interests in order to end up offering something in which you show that you are really interested in your community and you care about it.

Remember that competitions must go hand in hand with the philosophy of your brand. Your fans should feel, not only that you have thought about them, but that you are true to what they are also: your brand.

You can offer products, it is the most usual, especially when we know that everyone loves to receive gifts. However, our recommendation is that the draw is about something that goes beyond the material and can cause two effects: the first is that all participants, winners or not, can have the illusion that they can win, and the second is that the draw prize is something that offers an unforgettable experience and makes it stay true to the brand.

Events: where, how and when...

Now it's time to talk about the events and tell you in simple steps how they work for your brand page.

Events scheduled through Facebook can help you automate the interaction with your brand's fans. Doing so offers many advantages such as measuring interaction, positioning your page, generating leads and even making conversions, among many other advantages, but it is necessary that you do it properly, without abusing them, creating events only for key situations that in some way help to obtain all those benefits that we have just described.

Based on what we just said in the previous paragraph, the ideal is that the events you create on your Facebook page, are events that are interesting to your fans while keeping a close relevance to the philosophy of your Mark from the speech with which you could hook to that objective audience.

In other words, do not post events like your grandmother's birthday or the superbowl, unless that's your niche. But do not forget that in addition to being related to your brand, you should look for relevance with your fans, to try something that is interesting to your audience, which is not necessarily identical to your peers in the market.

What events would be ideal for your brand?

Well, the answer can be very varied, depending on your niche. You can create events like webinars, or the launch of a product, or the presentation of a recognized speaker in your niche or any other event, either in person or on the internet, that you create and know that may interest your target audience and also generate interaction, because remember that interaction is one of the most important things when making posts on your Facebook page.

Now, it's time to get to the point and put your hands to the hour. Let's see how an event is created on your Facebook page to add value to your digital marketing campaign and the creation of trend ads.

The first thing you must do is go to the top bar of your biography and there you will see the events button, in which you will click to create it. There you will have to add a name to the event, an image that represents it and determine location and frequency. Everything sounds as simple as a "how, when and where", except for the frequency, which you can adapt according to the nature of the event. That is, if it is a single day or if it will be a weekly or monthly event, etc.

If the event is quite complex and includes ticket sales among other things, you can also add that type of information through URL. The truth is that Facebook gives you all the tools with very varied options so that there is no information that is overlooked when creating an event on your Facebook page.

Once you have filled all those fields, you just need to save and ready, you will have created an event which can be perfectly editable as many times as you consider appropriate.

Did you think it all ends with contests? There are many things you don´t know...

The events and contests are not the only thing you can create from your Facebook page, you can also manage groups through Facebook Messenger, but we recommend it for when your brand has advanced enough to start building a closer relationship with your fans who already become regular customers.

On the other hand you can create publications that, without being formal contests or events, can generate interaction and call to action. It is a matter of being creative when creating and publishing content.

The truth is that there are so many things that can be done from your Facebook page, it seems that the power of this social network is infinite, and best of all is that you can say it is free, you just have to learn to identify the trends of your niche to then plan, create and publish a content based on it, which in the end will bring you very interesting benefits in the topic of sales.