Secret Hacks to Get Likes on Instagram

Secret Hacks to Get Likes on Instagram

This is the secret to your success, and if you follow these tips, you should vastly increase your numbers of likes on Instagram.

If a person comments on your pictures, hang tight and don’t reply immediately. A vast number of people respond or like the comment straight away, and what this does is: it leaves a notification in the commenter’s feed. What is far better to do (and it is something not many people actually do) is to wait until your next post before you like their previous comment.

The advantage of your liking in this way is: your new picture goes into their feed (as you would expect). And, secondly: as you are responding to their previous picture like, you will be in their current feed a second time with your like or response.

The next secret is: any time you post something you should put your name at the bottom of the caption. When you do this, you can increase social interaction on your page by over 50%, mostly because they are more prone to clicking on that picture, rather than if your name was only at the top of the page. You can see this in action, although you need to pay attention to spot it. Any picture with a caption (more often than not) has a username somewhere that’s included. Tagging the image in the caption is a smart way of increasing likes.

Another great secret: is by using the laws of reciprocity. This is where - if you like a person’s picture, they’ll (more often than not) like yours. The way of doing this is ultra-simple, and all you do is begin by going into your feed and then like every single picture, and it doesn’t matter if you actually like it or not, in truth. But, it means that the chances of you being spotted in another person’s feed is of a higher likelihood, and so (hopefully) they will do the same and like you. This works as they see you helping them with their likes and they may feel obliged to return the favor.

Another amazing secret: is to write a caption which is meaningful, rather than just a general one. When you add more, and the viewer can connect to what you have written, even if it’s something to brighten their day, you have now given them two reasons to like your picture. One is the picture itself, and two being: the great content in your caption.

The next important secret: is where you connect your Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. What this does is; posts your pictures to these accounts every time you post on Instagram. This also reminds followers that you have an Instagram account (as well as the ones they are viewing). It might mean they missed your Instagram post, and so there is a way to help eliminate you being missed and dropping down on the feed. Using all avenues makes a huge difference to your chances of being seen.

Another crucial secret: is to choose ten random people and message them with something nice. It can even be a copy and pasted message, but what it does do is that it draws attention back to yourself. It can also go a long way in helping to increase followers, especially once these people have clicked to go into your page.

Posting at specific times is crucial to prevent your picture from falling down the stream. These peak times are in the morning, lunchtimes, and after five p.m. In fact, these are the times that people are live on Instagram, so your picture has more chance of being seen within the first hour, whereas later on, it starts to fall from view.

Picture quality is another crucial element. The lower the quality, the worse it looks for you. The better quality of the picture, the more chance people will like it (both in reality and with them clicking the like button).

The next secret tip: is that every time you post a picture and your hashtags, you should go into the hashtags and select around ten pictures within those hashtags and click on the like buttons. Here, the law of reciprocity comes into play again, and when you choose these random pictures, the person whom you’ve liked will feel the urge to check who has liked their pictures, and will usually feel that they should return the favor. This way is a pretty savvy and sure method of increasing traffic to your Instagram page all day long, especially when you post your own pictures.

The last (but not least) secret tip: is getting software to help out. Once this is set up, it acts like a human, although only much faster and without forgetting. Once it has been set up, it can go into a hashtag and like pictures or add comments which you have added, and it does this as long as your system is running smoothly. It also has the capacity to unfollow people should the need arise for this task. It comes with a wealth of features, on top of what is mentioned, and the monthly cost is pretty reasonable for anyone who’s looking to boost their numbers of Instagram followers.