Drawing Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Drawing Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Getting Reviews

Facebook reviews are like Facebook currency. When you have great reviews on your page, you tend to be far more visible to your target audience. You are also given a unique ability to show your audience that you are performing well and that they can trust in you and your products or services. Most people are under the impression that the only time someone speaks up is when there is a problem.

So, seeing a page that has tons of great reviews means that your product or service is so great that it actually inspired people to talk about it and share that with you. Getting reviews is actually incredibly easy. The best way to do it is to follow up after a service or product has been sold to a person and they have received it.

Requesting Engagement

One great way to get engagement on your posts is to ask for it. With Facebook, it is as easy as sharing a relatable image or quote and saying “Can you relate?” or “Share this with a friend who gets it!” Subtle yet direct requests like this encourage people to share your posts with others, increasing your engagement. As with most social media platforms, when your engagement goes up, the number of people who see your posts go up as well. Getting regular engagement and increasing the amount of engagement you get is important. This will make you easier to find, more visible, and more likely to get sales.


Giveaways are always a great way to maximize engagement and increase your Facebook followers. You can do giveaways on Facebook easily with just a little bit of planning. Start by choosing what product or service you want to give away. Make sure it is something that will be attractive and desirable to your audience but won’t cost you too much to give away for free. You want a healthy ratio of engagement and new followers to earn money invested through the free product. This makes it worthwhile. Giving away something too expensive or valuable in exchange for fewer followers is not a good tradeoff, so refrain from doing this. Once your page is much larger, you can consider doing bigger giveaways. But in the meantime, refrain from this and stick to more reasonable ones that will still appeal to your audience in a big way.

After you have chosen the item or service you want to give away, you can make your post. Be sure to set your end date, so people know when to check back by. Ideally, this should be two to three weeks in the future. Then, go ahead and make your post.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be a great way to increase your reach to new people. On Facebook, the metrics for paid advertising are very specific. This is where knowing your audience well can pay off. When you create your promotions, you can set an end date, choose your budget, and then target your audience. Through your custom target options, you can make extremely specific metrics that ensure that only those who are actually likely to purchase from you will see the ad. This ensures that you are not wasting any of your budgets on people who will not purchase from you.

Inviting Friends and Family

A simple yet effective way of getting some of your earliest followers is inviting your friends and family members to like your page. When you begin your page, you can send out a massive invite that invites everyone you have added to Facebook to support your page. This gives everyone the opportunity to show their support and lets everyone in your circle know what you are up to. This can be a great way to get your first followers and increase your engagement. Friends and family tend to be some of our most active and supportive followers, which means, they are more likely to help support and boost your engagement and increase your reach.

They may also share you with their own circle, which supports you in expanding right from the start. Do not overlook this simple yet highly effective measure. It can be a great way to start out and get those earliest followers which can sometimes be a challenge to create. Once you have a few followers to start, expanding on that and getting more is easy.